Our Services


  • SONY XD CAM EX3, EX1R, HDV/DVCAM Z7, Z5, Canon Full Frame 5d/6D and a host of high resolution cameras with all types of lenses and accessories like Matteboxes and Focus Assist systems.
  • Online and offline editing facilities for all resolutions with experienced editors.
  • Dl- Full color grading facilities with multiple workstations on Da Vinci Resolve.
  • Upgrading all analog and digital data to 4k/2k and all the desired resolutions
  • Film recording (Reveres Telecine) on all 16mm and 35mm formats including anamorphic (Cinemascope).
  • Complete audio facilitates which include dubbing, Voice Over, Audio SFX, Music and Mixing In mono as well as Dolby and DTS.

Some of the films which have used our Dl- Digital Grading Facility as well as upgrading facility from HD to 2K before transfer to 35mm film ere:


Audio Post facilities inclusive of dubbing, voice overs sound effects, music and mixing including 5.1 formats like Digital Dolby and DTS.


Digital Films Specialist having full facilities from digital HD cameras to 16mm/35mm film recording (Reverse Telecine).

The company is known in India as "Experts of Digital Film", The company has the following facilitites for creating films digitally and releasing them on 35mm formats as well as through digital formats like UFO/CUBE and others.


Content production facility for feature films, teleserials, ad films, corporate films and documentaries. The company also holds specialization in creating the promos for feature films and teleserials.


Our team's affadibility doesn't bounds itself only to the working environment but it also bases: itself on the interpersonal level. As a lot bursting with ardour, we aim at developing impeccable bandage to share you passion that you use to nurture your creativity.

We take pride in our capability to sustain flexibility so as to work round the clock and are always eager to go the "extra mile' to deliver better results than you demand.


  • Black Magic 4k Cinema camera
  • SONY PMW 300k1, EX3, EX1R
  • Canon 1DC, 5D
  • Multiple Editing cites — FCP- X , 7.02 ,Premier CS 6, Edius 7.0
  • Complete audio post facility with Dubbing Sound Effects, Music, Mixing Mono & 5.1
  • Digital Film Grading on FCP – X & Da Vinci Resolve.
  • Creative and Consultancy.
  • Supervision on Sets/Location
  • Multi-Layer Compositing.
  • Target and Multipoint Tracking.
  • Chroma Keying /Matting.
  • Wire and Object Removal.
  • 3D Graphics and Titles
  • Color Correction and Color Manipulation.
  • Digital Filtering.
  • Proms creation in all formats